Obama’s presidential shape-up

Did you know our commander in chief has a haircut modeled after Roman Emperor Julius Caesar?

That’s right, President Obama’s cut is called the Caesar, a classic style master barber Derek “Buck” Williams of Robert Andrew Salon & Spa says “has always been around.”

According to Williams, a recent trend for men is to cut off their locks and wear a clean-cut look. He mentioned Justin Timberlake as another notable who has jumped on the latest style.

Rapper Jay-Z, who recently showed the world even he could “crash” the Situation Room during his visit to the White House on Friday, also wears a Caesar haircut.

“President Obama doesn’t have the shape-up on the top as hard as Jay-Z,” Williams said. “President Obama has a soft shape-up.”

Williams said he doesn’t only see his clients and celebrities following Obama’s clean cut, but also more men wearing tighter-fitting clothing and rolling up their sleeves.

“I think Obama has changed the whole man,” Williams said.

As for battling Obama’s attack of the grays? Williams said the president’s stylist should use temporary dye to maintain the color for the next few years.